About the Author



Christopher Stock is the author of Family on 3.



Stock grew up in Topeka and is a sportswriter based in Miami.  He currently covers the Miami Heat for the Associated Press and CBSSports.com and owns a website InsideTheU.com, a site dedicated to covering the Miami Hurricanes.


He has worked for a number of newspapers in Florida such as the Tampa Tribune, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, and Daytona Beach News-Journal.  His work has also appeared on ESPN.com and is a regular guest on the Jorge Sedano Radio Show.


Growing up in Topeka, Stock played high school basketball.  He attended Wichita State University for one year, where he played on the school's club ice hockey team.  Following his freshman year, he transferred to the University of Minnesota, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree studying business.  While in college, he spent two summers in Southern California and worked with the University of Minnesota baseball team, which was a key reason why he decided to pursue a career in sports journalism.


Upon graduation at Minnesota, Stock moved to Miami where he began his career as a journalist.  His first job as a sportswriter was with a website covering the Miami Hurricanes.  After four years of being the publisher at that website, which also included being in charge of a monthly magazine, he started his own website, InsideTheU.com, with two associates in 2007.


InsideTheU.com has been partnered with ESPN and now with 247Sports.  It is considered one of the top media outlets covering the Miami Hurricanes on a daily basis.


While Stock has been involved heavily in covering the Miami Hurricanes and the Miami Heat, he also covers the Florida Marlins, Miami Dolphins, and Florida Panthers for the Associated Press.


Although he moved away from Topeka after high school, Stock always took a piece of his hometown with him wherever he went, which led to launching TopekaHoops.com, a website covering high school basketball in Topeka back in 2005, thus beginning the Family on 3 project.